Posture Matters: Back & Neck Pain

Remember when your mom would tell you to sit up straight or walk with your head up and shoulders back? Once again, your mother was right. Posture does matter. In fact, we all know it's better to use good posture. So why do we still slouch?

Reducing Pain Through Exercise

Back pain has many faces and to many people it can be distressing, disabling or even frightening. Whether back pain comes from a strain, degenerative disc disease, a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, a complex deformity or even a fracture, there are many options that can help you live an active lifestyle. One important option for long term relief and protection is exercise.

Spine and Fitness: Are You Physically Fit?

So what does it mean to be physically fit? Being physically fit allows you to handle daily physical strains your body undergoes without difficulty and with reduced risk for injury. Fitness can be described as the body's ability to endure the physical demands we put on ourselves.

Stress and Back Pain

Many recognize that emotional stress or psychological factors can affect back pain, but did you know that stress can cause back pain to linger longer or increase in intensity?