I am overjoyed to feel like myself again!

Beginning during the last month of pregnancy, I had problems with pain and weakness on the right side impacting my back and leg.  After chiropractic work my pain/movement was reduced to a “low level.”  After four + years of waiting for the “low level” pain to go away (having tried various other doctors/approaches) – I was beginning to conclude that “old age” had set in and I would never have my “good old body” back again.  I have been amazed at how quickly my chronic/constant experience of pain has shifted through first “unlocking” and then appropriately strengthening the appropriate muscles.  I feel the joy of having re-encountered my “good old body!”  I know more about what this “good old body” can and can’t do, at this stage of my life, and I am overjoyed to feel like myself again!  Thank you all so much.  You’re great!

- G.R.