Love this place!

Love this place! No one ever wants to hear that they have to go back to Physical Therapy but Burt and Nikki have been nothing short of amazing. They have such a great sense of humor and that is so important when you're trying to heal something that does not feel great at all!

2 thumbs up, fine holiday fun!


You are the best!

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Keep Up the Good Work Total Body PT

Bert, Yoshi, Jessica, Michael, & Derek,

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your help in making me feel so much better. Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much.

- M.W.

I am overjoyed to feel like myself again!

Beginning during the last month of pregnancy, I had problems with pain and weakness on the right side impacting my back and leg.  After chiropractic work my pain/movement was reduced to a “low level.”  After four + years of waiting for the “low level” pain to go away (having tried various other doctors/approaches) – I was beginning to conclude that “old age” had set in and I would never have my “good old body” back again.  I have been amazed at how quickly my chronic/constant experience of pain has shifted through first “unlocking” and then appropriately strengthening the appropriate muscles.  I feel the joy of having re-encountered my “good old body!”  I know more about what this “good old body” can and can’t do, at this stage of my life, and I am overjoyed to feel like myself again!  Thank you all so much.  You’re great!

- G.R.

In to my last week I felt great, back to doing my regular activities.

I came into therapy for a shoulder injury that was very painful.  It stopped me from doing my every day work activities.  Within the second week of physical therapy I started feeling better.  In to my last week I felt great, back to doing my regular activities.  It was a treat coming to Total Body Physical Therapy; the staff was very helpful with great personalities.  I would highly recommend this practice to whoever needs any type of physical therapy.  Thank you!

- N.T.

I feel stronger and in much improved health.

My pain level at the beginning of my treatment was about a 5.  I was tight and uncertain of my movements.  After 7-8 sessions I am completely pain free, I feel confident in my movements, I feel stronger and in much improved health.  I want to compliment the staff.  They are all very professional and very knowledgeable about all; they are all extremely friendly, and made my visits very enjoyable.  Thank you all.

- D.J.

The entire staff is friendly and personable.

Total Body Physical Therapy treated my ailments with sensitivity, exercises, massage and the utmost in professionalism.  The photos of the exercises have been very helpful and Bert explained in common language what was happening and why adjustments were necessary.  I strongly recommend my family and friends and Total Body Physical Therapy for a very pleasant experience to correct pain.  Also, the entire staff is friendly and personable.

- P.A