Albert Bednar, D.P.T.

Albert "Bert" Bednar has been a physical therapist since 2003. Bert graduated from AT Still University in Mesa, Arizona, with a doctorate in physical therapy. He received his undergraduate degree in Health Sciences from the University of Nevada in Reno, Nevada. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. His post doctorate work has focused on manual therapy techniques.

Bert's treatment philosophies are based on individual one-on-one care. He believes that a physical therapy program should be individually tailored to help patients reach their full potential. His goal is to communicate with patients in order to fully appreciate, understand, empathize and work with them to create an individual therapy program. Bert's commitment to each patient is evident as he works to establish trust and help them to understand their role in getting better.

Bert treats a variety of patient diagnoses throughout the age spectrum including geriatric, pediatric and adolescent patients. He treats a wide range of patient diagnoses including those with orthopedic and neurological disorders, developmental disabilities, lymphedema, sudden injuries and cardiac concerns. His treatment plans of care include addressing symptoms such as pain, weakness, balance deficits and gait abnormalities. Bert specializes in musculoskeletal conditions. He treats patients during all phases of their rehabilitation including both pre and post-surgical phases. He has a treatment emphasis on improving function including return to work and sport specific rehabilitation.

He believes in treatment programs that address all aspects of a patient's life including education regarding exercise, postural awareness and ergonomics. He specializes in manual therapy and taping techniques.

Bert believes in advancing the physical therapy profession. He works as a clinical instructor with a several physical therapy graduate level programs as well as Arizona State University to educate graduate and undergraduate level students.

Bert has worked in a variety of healthcare settings including private practice physical therapy centers and hospital settings. Currently, Bert is the director of Total Body Physical Therapy located in Tempe, Arizona.

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